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Fritzing, Simulation and Documenting a build

Wow, there are a bunch of tools available, but it looks like a lot of reading is in store.  Created my first Fritz of a simple circuit to see what it takes, and I must say it is pretty easy. I like the ability to use various “components” and “modules”” that other have created, especially the Sparkfun modules.  I hope the AdaFruit modules get put in there.  I see they have a way to contribute to the library too, but that might be a while down the road for me.

Inline image 1
This is a simple circuit I wired up to see how it works.  I have a lot to learn.  I noted the varied tabs for code, schematic, and for creating a board, that you can send to actually get made, I think that is very cool.

I like the ability to put my code in, and that would allow me to keep track of the circuit and the code together, NICE!

Next stop is to find out how to integrate a simulator, to see if the circuit works prior to even receiving the components.

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