Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sensors and the data they produce

Lower Power Sensors

Well, I lied. I said I would write about the MySensor.org Gateway device next, but my groups discussion tonight has been about getting longer output from batteries for sensors.  Several posts in forums have provided lots of options.  One we really liked was manicbug’s solution with custom programmed chips and custom made boards.  This approach really appeals if we can find everything we need, and his total cost per sensor module is about 12.00!!!


You can read his posting with the details on his wordpress site.  maniacbug – low power sensors .

He has posted his board artwork for free, and the studio he used will do ten boards for 10.00!!


More research will have to be done, but for the temp/humidity and PIR boards this may be too good to pass up. He also explains his sleep library to get the longest time from his batteries, good stuff!

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