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Monthly Archives: August 2015

Running Raspberry Pi in Headless Mode and Graphical interface

A very nice aspect to running the Raspberry Pi is the ability to use ssh to access the unit from another pc.  SOmetimes though, we have found it useful to run xstart and the GUI interface.  In the past we did this with an HDMI screen and keyboard with mouse all hooked up.  As we were studying various blog entries  at the Mel Grubbs blog, we read on that allows us to continue running headless, even with the xstart  capability.  You can reference this section of his blog for further information: MelGrubb.ToBlog()

One note is that we found it advantageous to set up our environment with these settings:

Just be sure to reboot the Rp after saving config.txt.
I used the following values:
I left hdmi_force_hotplug=1 commented as it wasn’t required after experimentation.
The interesting aspect (to me anyway) is that when issuing the ‘startx’ at the Rp command line it is actually starting a GUI session while in headless mode.  UltraVNC is used to acquire the GUI.