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Thermisistors and the Raspberry Pi



It has been a fun week, what with colder weather and less leaves to rake, so I got back to the workbench and have been playing with all sorts of Pi projects. The main one over the past couple of weeks has been a PiBBQ monitor, with three probes. One of my buddies and I found a link, and based on some cheapo probes he had from some single temp. monitors, we started the build. We broke it up after I spent an evening trying to get the software loaded on a pi, and another evening building up the ADC circuit on a adafruit pi prototyping board.

The project site has all the details, and you can visit it here:


Now, I will caution you that when you go to build the software, I did run into some problems, but once I failed, we went back to his github page and read the revised readme doc, realized he had a cleaner set of instructions inside that worked much better than the ones on the blog.

I also was pleased to find that he both published his schematic as well as had created an actual pcb that you could purchase. I was extremely pleased to find that when I ordered the board set (3 boards for 13.75 including free shipping), that the turnaround was under two weeks! The board vendor was oshpark.com, and they were responsive and nice to deal with!!

Our project is not yet done, we are still having a little trouble and working on getting our thermistors calibrated. We have a plan to get that accomplished, and I wanted to mention several interesting pages that we visited to get a better understanding of what we were learning:


. We did find that the prototype board works just like the purchased pcb, so that was gratifying too.  we will do another update once we get the unit operating with calibrated sensors.

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