Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sensors and the data they produce

OpenHAB Configuration Scenario

I have talked to the sensors and openHAB configuration builds through several blog entries, so today I will summarize my current “as built” situation, for anyone wanting to follow my path.  I will not go into extreme depth, as I detailed each build previously, but I will link to the source pages I used in this build.

Let’s start with openHAB.  There were several links that had references to openHAB, and I will list as many as I can recall on our references page.  I will call out four that I used most here:

Raspberry Pi -openHAB Getting Started


Quick Setup an openHAB Server

and last, but the most referenced:

openHAB with a Serial Gateway

Those references were very valuable in my quest to get off the ground with openHAB.

Now, my environment being more than just openHAB, extends to the sensors themselves. Here is a diagram of my basic environment:

Current Configuration

This was truly a labor of love, as we started with just experiments with the nrf24l01+ on an Arduino talking to an nrf24l01+ on a Raspberry Pi.

From the base libraries developed by several authors [all forked from the maniacbug original] that started our quest: maniac bug wordpress site to the MySensors web site, we progressed with some ease by these pre-paved roads.

The four sensor devices contained in the above diagram are from the following building block links:

Connecting the Radio

Building a Serial Gateway

Humidity Sensor

Motion Sensor

If you build your sensors to these exact specs, and the serial gateway as diagrammed, you will be able to achieve this same satisfaction that I reflect on today.  I won’t say everything worked the first time, or perfectly. I will say I have enjoyed the last few weeks of spare time working with these tools. I know have a framework with which to achieve the goals my friends and I set out with early this past summer.

Our plans from here are fairly straight forward.  We each have a group of sensors that we will expand this base with, and for me in particular, more than just sensors, but integration with my email, calendar, and remote control along with the security aspects already developed.




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