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Shutdown the OS using an OSEPP button


This page presents a program that shuts down the OS when a button is pressed. The narrative is more about the problems associated with normally open button circuits and how they are managed using edge detection techniques.
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More Startup Processing – init.d & update-rc.d

While working on an implementation of the Raspberry Pi Camera module, we were looking to run the device remotely and headless.  We came across this knowledge in conjunction with implementing the pi-timolo code and found it useful for a variety of applications.

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PIR Based Raspberry Pi Camera and Programming

One of our group is a very experienced programmer, (we have all programmed to an extent) and has come to love the Raspberry Pi (RPi) along with the rest of us.  Although his first taste of python was not well received, he has become somewhat of a fan (well that might be stretching it).  In his endeavor to reach new levels of programming proficiency as well as become more familiar with the hardware aspects of the RPi, he chose to write from scratch a program to automate the use of a PiCamera, along with accessing the GPIO ports of the RPi.  While he was at it he chose to add an LED indicator to show when movement was detected.
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