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Attaching a Samba Share at Startup / fstab

Working through the efforts to install my Raspberry Pi (RPi) with camera and  pi-timolo, I ran across a problem getting attached to the SAMBA share on the PiNAS, before the application starts up and then tries to send pictures to the share.  Remember that the base instructions show how to set the program to start on boot (  init.d & update-rc.d setup ), but I was finding I had a failure to write due to the fact that the NAS share was not in my mounted devices list.

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More Startup Processing – init.d & update-rc.d

While working on an implementation of the Raspberry Pi Camera module, we were looking to run the device remotely and headless.  We came across this knowledge in conjunction with implementing the pi-timolo code and found it useful for a variety of applications.

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Pi, Cameras, Security, and NAS

We have been busy with many projects in our group, but have not posted or documented much.  This blog entry will attempt to be a recap of the e-mail discussions and the final setups we chose, your mileage may vary!

We have taken several approaches to utilization of cameras within our environment.


The first approach used was one from Claude Pageau who documented his environment so well that it is simple to say – “just do it” based on his GitHub.com readme!  See the references page for the link.

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