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Startup Processing


This page is on the topic of startup processing specific to script modifications designed to affect system behavior and features. It is divided into the relevant sections.

Enable HD Spin Down When Not In Use

The script mod presented will power down the HD after 10 minutes of inactivity. It relies upon the existence of this file: /etc/hdparm.conf. If it doesn’t exist in the etc directory you will have to issue the following command to install it and the necessary dependencies: apt-get install hdparm.

Add the following at the end of /etc/hdparm.conf, save and then reboot the Pi.

/dev/disk/by-uuid/fcca4c3e-3d33-4932-9176-65a1502dd16a {
spindown_time = 120

Adding Customization to the Prompt in Linux

In Getting around in Linux especially at the command line, I find it helpful to add some additional information on the command line prompt. TOday I discovered with Ben that these work on the RPi as well.  We edited etc/profile and added  and entry to customize the prompt:

export PS1=’$(whoami)@$(hostname):$(pwd)$ ‘

Make sure you include the single quotes.  You can do this as a temporary effort by executing this same entry at the command line prompt, which is helpful if you are temporarily remoting in to someone else’s environment.

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