Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Sensors and the data they produce


Below are links to tools, how-to documentation and various other useful references.

Documentation for Raspberry Pi

Official Documentation



Servers, Partitions, Cloning and Backups

Home Server Index Page
Ubuntu-Move Home Folder into Another Partition
Cloning RPi SD Card
Backup Your Pi
Scripts and Auto Starting Programs

Comms Using NRF24L01

2.4ghz NRF24L01
GPIO Using NRF24L01
Interfacing With Hardware
Arduino Comms Using NRF24L01
Turn on Lights Using NRF24L01
Controlling the Device Remotely

Sensors and Cams

Compatible Sensors
Arduino Compatible Sensors
Arduino Mini Cam
Arduino Cam – Compatible Shield
Wireless Security Cam
Rpi WebCam Server
Battery Power with Arduino
My Sensors Web Site
OpenHAB Smart Home Project
Home Automation discussion and openHAB tips and tricks
A workshop on openHAB
An API guide to the My Sensors.org framework
openHAB 1.80 ZIP files
Reference for a multi-sensor with one Arduino
Arduino Example .ino for multiple sensors with one Arduino
Using a 3.3v Arduino Pro Mini clone with a 5v PIR

pi-timolo by Claude Pageau

Running Headless



Western Digital Drives

WD 1 TB Drive Kit

WD 314 GB drive (make sure you order the cable and power adapter too)

Miscellaneous Pi

Key Lime Pi
PiDome Home Control Server

General Linux References

Linux File System Overview

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